What can you do on bluewind?

The Bluewind Network will be full of entertaining, unique games all inside of the Hytale game. We plan to have the following games for you to play:
Battle Royale
A 40-player game where you land on a giant custom-made map and loot to find unique resources and weapons, and then fight-it-out in an intense final battle! Can you survive and become the champion of the Bluewind Battle Royale? The map is ever-changing and we are constantly updating the Battle Royale to add new features (as well as all other games!)
You have crash-landed on an alien planet, and have no idea where you are. Navigate around the planet, survive against deadly forces out to get you, and see if you can overcome the challenges to defeat the evil king, "King Ragnor", as well as his deadly Xarok army!
An intense game where you select a weapon, jump into the Arena, and fight it out! After you kill somebody, you can level up! This gets you a better weapon, as well as a chance to get rewards such as crates, and more! Once you get killed or quit, your progress is reset and you can restart the leveling up cycle. The map for Arena is changing constantly to make the experience fresh and exciting.
Create your own games using your own personal "Orbit", which is a plot of land where you are able to create whatever you want, as long as it falls under our rules! Create an awesome parkour map with our custom booster blocks, speed modifiers, etc, or an epic adventure map with a unique boss battle. The choice is yours, anything is a possibility!